Top Technology Blogs in 2022

Top Technology Blogs in 2022

The Devops Research & Assessment program, or DORA as it is more commonly referred to by technologists, has emerged as the industry standard for evaluating the software development process. The DORA program’s findings show how the technology sector is progressing in its understanding of how to make quantifiable and significant improvements in the lifecycle of deploying software modifications in products and services.

Tools like Pluralsight Flow are assisting management and team members by facilitating more frequent and reliable releases, minimizing errors and testing time, and expediting the delivery of updates to end users. However, you must first comprehend what DORA’s metrics are and how to enhance them before allowing your DevOps teams to use them.

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is another one of the top tech blogs. Its primary topics are startups, internet products, and the most recent tech news. It was founded in June 2005, and as of this writing, it attracts 12 million unique visitors every month, with more than 37 million page views within the same period. To find out more about the most recent software, games, apps, and businesses, go to TechCrunch.

2. Mashable

We’ve finally arrived at the well-known ones. Mashable, one of the most popular websites, has millions of social media fans. Through its coverage of technology, digital culture, and entertainment topics, it aims to reach its devoted and influential readership worldwide. It was developed in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, who wisely employed the first-to-market strategy. (Mashable was not the very first media platform; it was one among them.)

3. Read Dive

Why not enter a wildcard before anything else? I get what you’re thinking: you probably haven’t heard of this blog. This is why it is at the top of the list. Read Dive, a brand-new technology blog, focuses on topics related to software development, testing, and finance. It provides excellent stuff that regularly piques my interest. Due to its rapidly growing popularity, I might have to transfer it to the #1 spot in a few years for another reason.

4. The Verge

The Verge is one of my personal favorites because it favors digital content above traditional media like news stories and product evaluations, including podcasts and entertainment shows. When the blog first launched in 2011, it prioritized the future (something that can be judged from the website aesthetics as well).

5. CNet

CNet is the largest media network website for news, reviews, podcasts, articles, and videos on consumer electronics and technology. It is one of the most well-known websites, with more than 200 million visitors per month. It provides up-to-date tech news with a focus on mobile, computers, security, tech culture, the internet, Apple, Google, and other topics.

6. Kualitatem

Kualitatem is a well-known supplier of software quality assurance in the IT sector. Readers can learn more about their QA talents through their articles on software testing, QA best practices, and practical QA approaches. Through these blogs, Kualitatem provides helpful guidance on QA, Technology Consulting, Advisory, and Auditing. These blogs address a wide range of topics, including automated security, performance, usability, cross-platform compatibility, and functional testing, that range from simple to complicated. To improve your QA testing processes, take full benefit of these technical blogs.

7. Tech World Times

Tech World Times targets a certain audience that is more interested in cutting-edge topics including AI, blockchain, development, testing, and fintech. It provides in-depth analysis of various market segments and product categories, covers recent industry developments, and provides perceptions that may be extremely useful to both established businesses and new initiatives.

8. Kualitee

Kualitee is a well-known tool for testing cloud-based software. Developing test plans, increasing software testing productivity, traceability, manual and automated testing capabilities, and many other things are just a few of the fantastic tool’s use cases that are demonstrated in the technical blogs. The Kualitee blog also covers how to use testing tools to get overall control over a testing project, which is crucial for managing & tracking all testing assets. The content on this website is useful for software testers of all experience levels, from beginners to specialists.

9. Testrig Technologies

Their blog also demonstrates how passionate they are about QA software testing. Through their Software Testing Blog session, they are attempting to discuss and explore the new Trends, Tools, Best Practices, and Techniques in the software testing industry. Through their blogs, they provide just the right amount of technical guidance and QA needs. The testrig blogs address a variety of software testing techniques, including web testing, mobile app testing, automated testing, and more. These categories are stuffed full of in-depth information on best practices, procedures, QA Techniques, Tools, and other topics that are helpful to both rookie and seasoned QA Testers.

10. ReadWrite

ReadWrite was founded in 2003 to provide readers with trustworthy industry news, reviews, and analysis. Due to its exceptional content, it has a sizable following, making it deserving of a spot on our list.

11. Daily Tech Times

The Daily Tech Times covers a wide range of tech-related topics, but its focus on software testing is its main advantage and the reason for its popularity. The website acts as a resource center for current and prospective testers who want to learn more about the field because it covers every imaginable aspect of software testing as a process, a job, and an industry. It frequently provides excellent content that will satisfy all of your software testing curiosity.

How about this article? To broaden our discussion and add entertainment and diversity to our list, let’s talk about some game technology blogs.

12. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

First of all, what a name! Its substance also completely lives up to their reputation. It focuses on news, reviews, and tutorials for PC-only gaming gear and software that are published hourly. Both gamers and game developers who are interested in gaming and its many dimensions should read Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

13. GamesRadar

GamesRadar+ is comparable to the gold standard in terms of gaming technology blogs. What distinguishes it as a key role is the fact that it merged with and absorbed its sister journals, Edge, SFX, Total Film, and Computer and Video Games. As a result, it includes all the technical details you’ll need, along with entertainment and game material, so you can enjoy reading.


Although they are not listed in any particular order, the 2020 blogs that I have loved following are mentioned above, and they all made my list of the best blogs. My opinion is that throughout the course of millions of years, technology has had little to no impact on human life. But throughout the past century, technology has exploded into our lives (for both beneficial and awful reasons), and it is here to stay. And as long as it does, there will always be individuals who are eager to learn about the newest developments in technology and knowledge, which is developing swiftly.
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