The Surprising Things that will Damage your Computer

The Surprising Things that will Damage your Computer

Although they play a significant role in our daily lives, computers are also sensitive devices that are easily broken.

Your computer may become damaged by a variety of factors, including hardware failure and software issues. Some of the most typical things that can harm your computer are listed below.

Why is it important to take care of your computer?

Maintenance is crucial when it comes to your home computer. You can prevent major issues in the road by taking care of your computer now. Here are two explanations for why maintaining your computer is crucial:

1. To prevent expensive repairs: When you look after your computer, you won’t have to be concerned about them. You can maintain your computer operating like new by doing simple steps like cleaning the vents and updating the software.

2. To increase its lifespan: Your computer can last for many years if you take good care of it. On the other hand, if you neglect it, you can find yourself replacing it much sooner than you’d like.

Things that will Damage your Computer


What happens if a computer is struck by lightning? Sensitive components like processors and hard drives might be damaged or destroyed by the electrical current from the impact. Additionally, circuit boards and other fragile electronics might be destroyed by the power surge. Simply simply, lightning damage can be disastrous to your PC.


First of all, dust might clog the ventilation system on your computer. Your computer may overheat as a result of this, which can result in a variety of issues, including data loss and hardware damage.

Second, dust can accumulate static on the parts of your computer. Data corruption and short circuits may result from this.

Finally, dust can simply ruin the aesthetics of your computer. This is not only unsightly, but it may also give the impression that your computer is not well-maintained, which could hurt your reputation in the workplace.


You can get liquid into your computer in a number of ways. For instance, liquid that spills on your keyboard may penetrate into the circuitry and result in a short circuit. Small amounts of liquid can harm delicate electrical parts.

Condensation is another method that liquids might harm your PC. Moisture may accumulate within the computer’s shell if you move it from a chilly environment to a warm one, short-circuiting the parts.


One of the most typical ways that food can harm a computer is through crumbs. They may cause short circuits that result in data loss or hardware malfunctions if they land within the keyboard or other internal components.

Another significant danger to computers is spilled liquids. Delicate circuitry can be damaged by even a small amount of water, and sugary beverages might draw hazardous microorganisms that could potentially infect your body.


There are many ways that heat can harm your computer. It may result in system instability, data loss, and component failure. You may be at risk for heat damage if you live in a hot region or use your computer for gaming or other strenuous activities.


The most frequent way that malware harms computers is by erasing crucial files. This may make using particular software or getting access to particular data difficult or impossible.

Additionally, malware can alter data, rendering it useless or challenging to understand. Malware may occasionally bring about a computer crash that results in data loss or corruption. Malware can steal personal information in addition to harming the computer itself. Passwords, financial data, and other sensitive information fall under this category.

Physical damage

When most people consider how their computer might be harmed, they typically think of viruses, but there are numerous other ways a computer can be harmed. A PC can be taken out via physical injury. A computer can sustain physical harm by being dropped, having water spilled over the keyboard, or having the screen broken.

A computer can sustain harm even from a simple jolt by jarring loose internal components. It’s crucial to take your laptop to a specialist to be examined before using it once again if you unintentionally drop it. One of the worst things that can happen to your computer is physical damage because it might ruin it forever.

Software problems

Software can harm a computer in a number of ways, including by making it run slowly. When an application isn’t functioning correctly, it might consume a lot of the computer’s resources, slowing down the entire system. This may make it challenging to do tasks or even to simply browse the internet.

In extreme situations, an underperforming computer may even overheat and harm users physically. Another way that software issues might harm a computer is by making it impossible for it to even turn on. Your operating system or another crucial program could no longer be able to start up correctly if it becomes corrupted.

Blocked air vents

You might have observed that your computer becomes hotter if you’ve ever blocked an air vent on it. This is so that adequate airflow can’t occur and your computer doesn’t get damaged by the blocked air vent.

Blocked air vents might harm your computer’s hard drive or GPU, among other parts. These parts can malfunction or even fail when they overheat because they are only intended to operate within a specific temperature range.

Wrong Power Source

A computer can suffer harm from the incorrect power source in a variety of ways. The components within the computer can be harmed if the voltage is too high, to start. Second, a fire may start if the current is too high. Thirdly, if the frequency is too low, the data storage devices may be harmed. Finally, if the ripple is too great, the power supply itself may be harmed.

Broken or Cut Cable

Electrical shorts are among the most frequent ways that a broken or cut cable can harm your computer. The parts of your computer may sustain severe damage if this occurs. It might potentially make your PC inoperable in some circumstances.

Data loss is another way that a cut or broken cable can harm your PC. Data will be lost if a cable connecting two components is broken while transferring data. Corrupted files and data loss may result from this.

Sun Exposure

The majority of individuals are aware that excessive sun exposure can harm their skin. However, did you realize that it might harm your computer as well? That’s accurate, your PC might suffer damage from those dangerous UV rays.

This is how it goes: The plastic and other materials in your computer could degrade due to the sun’s UV rays. This may result in a variety of issues, such as:

• Discoloration of the case

• Cracking or warping of plastic parts

• Deterioration of rubber or plastic components

• Damage to the LCD screen

Excessive Keyboard Pressure

People frequently exert a lot of pressure when typing on a keyboard. Although it might not seem important, this might actually harm the computer.

A PC might suffer damage from excessive keyboard pressure since it stresses the internal parts. They may eventually break or stop working as a result of this.


Finding out which of these crucial components will break your computer can save you money on repairs. Simply being aware of the need to maintain your computer tidy and avoid applying excessive pressure will assist to safeguard it for years to come.

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