Several of our past articles have emphasised various tyre types, including run-flats. If you recall, run-flat tyres enable you to travel up to 100 km at speeds of 70 km/h after a total air pressure loss. They are made to enable the driver to reach a safe area where they can either change their tyres or get the damaged ones mended. There are airless tyres in addition to run-flats.

What separates run-flat tyres from airless tyres? Airless tyres are resistant to punctures since they contain no air. Run-flat tyres, on the other hand, may sustain punctures but still travel a limited distance. However, airless tyres are not available for standard automobiles. Currently, they are limited to driving tiny vehicles like lawnmowers and golf cars.

We are now going to show you a fascinating new tyre. Think of your passenger all-season tyres as being unbreakable (almost). Exactly that is what Nokian Tires is offering. Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of this mysterious tyre. Reviewing SIMPLE WAYS TO REMOVE WATER SPOTS FROM YOUR CAR, one of the earlier posts will be helpful initially.


If you’re not careful, water stains could ruin a car’s exterior and be challenging to get rid of. The post examined the many types of water spots and how to get rid of them. The best course of action is still prevention, despite the abundance of remedies. Keep in mind that if you employed a ceramic coat or another paint protection technique, there won’t be any water stains. The reason for this is that most options to paint protection are hydrophobic.


The One is a representation of dependability, tenacity, and longevity. It’s crucial for safety that the tyres have outstanding traction in all kinds of driving circumstances. The defining feature in terms of durability is the use of the same fibre found in bulletproof tyres. Do the tyres become bulletproof as a result? Okay, so that’s also not a failure, so no. Using the same fibre will increase the tyre’s strength instead.

As a result, the tyres are resistant to potential road hazards like potholes. Nokian’s offer of 130,000 km is outstanding given that the bulk of tyre manufacturers only offer a warranty of 80,000 km or a maximum of 100,000 km. From a sustainability standpoint, the tyres’ decreased rolling resistance and use of eco-friendly components result in lower fuel usage.

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