Gree AC This Summer in India

Reasons to Buy a Gree AC This Summer in India

You don’t need to worry as the Gree Air conditioners are present to cater to your needs. With “GREE, the Master of Core Technologies”, you can enjoy a relaxed and cold compartment condition with the lowest energy consumption. Wondering why to buy a GREE AC? Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Why should you select Gree?

The appliance, as well as the service provided by them, is exemplary.

They are constructed perfectly to perform nearly everywhere under all environments.

Universal Wi-Fi Technology is definitely extraordinary. It enables you to monitor your appliance remotely utilizing a remote. It can even be controlled by a smartphone.

Exceptional Cooling Capacity

These can be used in the public and commercial sectors.

It manufactures a lot of commodities to fulfill the contemporary wants of consumers.

Additionally, it shows flexibility for the users with their appliances.

I’m going to discuss a few of the nicest Gree air conditioners. This will help you in taking a well-researched decision while buying an Air conditioner for yourself. But first, let’s cover other aspects of the company in the current situation.

Do you wish to have a durable remedy for cooling your residing area? Do you feel tense about the scorching heat of the sun? The rising temperature has certainly made people think of it.

How is Gree present in the competition?

Gree stands amongst the leading manufacturers of Air Conditioners in the world. It guarantees outstanding quality and cares for every AC they make.

They have been delivering promising work since 1998. They manufacture other appliances as well but are known for their AC.

Therefore, the company Gree functions successfully all across the world. They retain thousands and lakhs of loyal customers.

Their ratings are also excellent because of the promising service which they have been providing. The appliance, as well as the service provided by them, is exemplary.

Gree makes other different products for residential use. These include fans, heaters, water dispensers, humidifiers, rice cookers, and air purifiers.

Distinct features

Gree tops the list in each respect when it arrives in quality, execution, and energy-saving skills. Its cooling capacity is amongst the nicest. They are constructed perfectly to perform nearly everywhere under all environments.

Other than durability, Gree furthermore proposes several technologies that attract buyers into hitting ‘BUY’ everywhere on the globe.

Its outstanding Universal Wi-Fi Technology is definitely extraordinary. It enables you to monitor your appliance remotely utilizing a remote. It can even be controlled by a smartphone. Isn’t it very convenient and interesting?

Are Gree Air Conditioners really that good?

Gree air conditioners are decent in all across the globe. They assist you with all the promising features that you could think of. 

Dr. Vivek Bindra (Motivational Speaker and CEO coach) has himself recommended Gree AC in one of his videos. It shows the reliability and quality of their products.

Also, they exceed in execution and power-saving than the greatest traditional air conditioners. Furthermore, they extend a broad spectrum of machines.

Is A single-stage or two-stage air conditioner better?

A single-stage air conditioner demands a compressor that functions at a static momentum. Not depending on the situations, it executes with a constant momentum under all circumstances.

A two-stage compressor, accentuates varying paces, relying upon the climates. If the climate is normal, it might function at passive paces while it regulates rapidly under elevated weather. If you are not sure how to choose the right AC capacity based on room size check this post.

Comparison of Air Conditioners

The Air Conditioners from free are reputable for their outstanding excellence and execution all over the community. They request a considerable price for your wealth while providing the undertaking at hand.

They provide a powerful icing solution for maximum individuals all across the globe. It is because of their power-saving accomplishment and responsible cooling.

1) Gree 8000 BTU Split AC

Size of unit – 1 Ton

SEER – Nil

EER – 5.4

Home Sq.Ft.-250

Condenser Fan Motor – single stable, variable speed

2) LIVS09HP115V1B Split AC

Size of unit – 1.5 ton

SEER – 16

Home Sq.Ft.- 9.6

Condenser Fan Motor–300-500

3) Gree Laffis – Portable Air Conditioner

Size of unit – 1.5 ton

SEER – 9.7

Home Sq.Ft.- 376

Condenser Fan Motor–Single stable, variable speed

4) LIVS12HP230V1B Split AC

Size of unit – 2 Ton

SEER – 16

EER – 9.3

Home Sq.Ft.- 400-650

Condenser Fan Motor – Single-stage, Variable speed

5) MULTI30CVIR401 Split AC

Size of unit- 5

SEER – 21

EER – 12.5

Home Sq.Ft – 1000-1650

Condenser Fan Motor  – Single Stage

6) Gree 24000 BTU 16 SEER LIVO+ Split AC

Size of unit- 3

SEER – 16

EER – 9.8

Home Sq.Ft – 800-1300

Condenser Fan Motor – Single Stage, variable speed

Analysis of the Best Variable-Speed Gree AC

1. Gree 9000 BTU 16 SEER LIVO+

This model is considered is best overall because of the promising feature


  • Manufactured faultlessly to bring warmness or to chill a big room
  • The color proposal effortlessly mixes with maximum colors
  • Starsan extraordinary 16 SEER and 9.6 EER grade
  • Succeeds with a unique Wi-Fi Technology for operation with Wi-Fi operability
  • Utilizes Gree G10 inverter and compressor. It brings about absolute execution


  • Needs an HVAC skilled professional for the installation of the unit
  • The line sets are not available with the Air Conditioner
  • Warranty is simply valid if the installation is done by a skilled professional
  • What is unique about this air conditioner?
  • What is very interesting about this AC is the abundance of characteristics it provides. It delivers extraordinary excellence and execution in every respect. It has 16 SEER and a 9.6 EER ratings.

The above-mentioned rating shows clearly that this Air Conditioner beats the other ACs available in the market.

Decent energy efficiency ratings show that energy consumption is quite low. Therefore, it will end up saving electricity. It has universal WiFi technology which is a win-win situation.

The wifi technology enables you to regulate your appliance with a remote utilizing a Wi-Fi connection. With this, you will remain tension free.

Final words

This Air Conditioner is amongst the best in the market. This is your ultimate solution for chilling your room. It is manufactured faultlessly to chill a residency area of 300-500 square feet efficiently.

Further, the color scenario of the AC mixes with approximately any wall shade.

Furthermore, it utilizes the Gree G10 inverter. It also uses a variable compressor. These, in turn, provide the maximum degree of execution and dependability. Accordingly, if you are glancing for an excellent AC, then ponder over this model for the absolute user understanding.

2. GREE MULTI30CVIR401-30000 BTU Multi21+


  • Utilizes R-410A refrigerant which is environment friendly
  • Retains a striking 21 SEER
  • The EER rating is 12.5 which is very commendable
  • Doesn’t produce any sound which provides a top degree of satisfaction
  • Provides a portable layout and mixes with any paint color
  • Can efficiently cool all the four zones. It doesn’t demand a distribution box


  • The kit is retailed individually. It is not available with the commodity
  • The consumption of Energy Is a little high for this model.
  • Labor expenditures are not enclosed within the warranty of the manufacturer.
  • What is unique about this Air Conditioner
  • This air conditioner is ranked better because of many reasons. it utilizes an environment-friendly refrigerant. R-410 guarantees that the atmosphere is not threatened.

It is a big Air Conditioner that can efficiently cool around four zones. The AC doesn’t require any distribution box. It has an enduring galvanized steel panel for absolute vitality.

Furthermore, it guarantees a quiet system with its noise deduction engines to conserve noise low to the lowest. All in all, Gree offers a tremendous and responsible air conditioner.

Final words

Across-the-board, this Air Conditioner gives the highest level of trustworthiness. It is competent in providing exceptional rendition and power-saving system.

This Air conditioner stars a prolific 12.5 EER rating. As an outcome, you can notice a substantial reduction in energy usage and electricity bills. You do not need to adjust to its execution.

Pretty like other Air conditioners, WiFi technology is present in this appliance as well. The color is very impressive and easily mixes with the wall colors. If you go to this appliance, you won’t regret buying it.

Does Gree offer a good warranty?

Gree proposes a responsible warranty policy for a maximum of its appliances. Their warranty is different for different products. If you buy a prime of the commodity, you can obtain a comprehensive warranty. If you buy a less popular or big commodity, you won’t obtain the bonuses of a comprehensive warranty. 

Generally, Gree extends 6 years of extended warranty. claim to its customers. You are also liable to lodge a complaint in case any of the components has defected.

Nonetheless, if the HVAC skilled professional installs the Air conditioner, you can get a warranty. After the warranty period ended or Gree service technicians are postponing the visit date, you can ask a third party Hitachi AC service center in Kolkata


Air conditioners are presently a crucial component of our beings, particularly in severe environments. If you are dwelling in a country that encounters very hot summers, then it is a period to finance an excellent air conditioner.

Gree also encompasses labor costs in its warranty procedure. It implies that HVAC specialists won’t burden you with extra money for renovating your damaged components.

Gree is amongst the biggest manufacturers of air conditioners. Its precise warranty policy assists you guarantee your undertaking. In conclusion, a big volume of users chooses Gree appliances over the other ACs present in the market.

Contemplating the excellence and execution, these Air Conditioners are unpaired in every respect.

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