We examine six typical problems that affect workplace productivity and offer solutions.

Although each office is unique, they all share the desire for their employees to be productive. It’s difficult to plan and manage a workplace where people can work to their maximum ability and enjoy being there. Even the most elegant designs can occasionally have unfavorable effects. Ask Apple, which had to fix its glass-walled offices after several employees suffered injuries.

Let’s examine several productivity problems, like distractions and confusion over meeting rooms, along with some remedies.

Difficulty navigating the space

You’ll run into issues if your office layout is challenging or unclear to traverse, which is particularly important for new employees and guests. Without any markings or signage, the complex pathways around desks and conference rooms might cause time to be spent trying to find things rather than getting work done.

The solution

Create a layout that allows for comfortable movement between desks and clear paths between them. Make meeting spaces secluded and clear so that attendees may concentrate there. If your facility is extremely extensive, perhaps spanning two or more floors, you might also make a quick map to direct new employees or visitors to the appropriate location.

Workspace spoke with Generate Studio on practical and lighting aspects of excellent office design. Our buildings are outfitted with incredible shared areas and places to interact and conduct business, and as a result, our offices and studios are flooded with natural light. When you require more than a desk but less than an office, we also offer a number of space options, such as Team Rooms. 

Trouble finding the people you need

At many organizations, the dynamic work environment is taking the place of designated seats. An ever-changing seating arrangement may result from hot desking and remote working. The ability of teams to collaborate is crucial. Meetings and work can be delayed if people are looking for one another.

The solution

Create a floor design that logically groups teams and departments so that they may cooperate and communicate with one another. In the event that individuals are regularly working on the same projects, take into account placing them next to one another. You might also consider using a workplace app that links with your staff directory and room reservation software so you can see where everyone is working in real time if you have a larger workspace instead of chasing email threads. 

Meeting room bookings

Have you ever been forced to leave a meeting in progress? Or were you forced to improvise because you couldn’t find a room and have your meeting in an inappropriate location? These scheduling challenges are among the most disruptive to office efficiency, in addition to being annoying.

Workspace features more than 100 conference spaces spread across more than 60 sites in London. Every need can be addressed by something from our selection. You may reserve the ideal place online or with our mobile app, whether you need it for a friendly get-together or a forceful boardroom presentation. View our selection of services here.

The solution

Make sure you have the technology for booking rooms in addition to room scheduling software that staff members may utilize to view availability in real time. To prevent misunderstandings in the future, encourage everyone to utilize it correctly. You might also need to establish guidelines for how and what should be done in meeting spaces. Could a casual catch-up be arranged, for instance, between coworkers at their desks or in a cafĂ© to free up space for a manager’s debrief? Consider what can be accomplished the most in a day and start there. 

Broken equipment

Anything that is broken can quickly reduce productivity. This is especially important if the problem is with software or a computer. Staff members won’t have much of a choice except to stop working until a fix is found if there isn’t one.

The solution

If there is space, have extra equipment on hand at the location. If you don’t, check that your supplier is nearby or has the capacity to deliver items quickly. Installing a mechanism where employees may report problems as they happen to a manager or other staff person who will be in charge of fixing them is preferable.

Lack of communication with visitors

It’s crucial that the time spent with clients be fruitful. Your meeting time may be impacted if they have trouble getting to the facility, finding a place to have lunch, or making business calls. Consider your visitors’ visit carefully because you want to make them feel welcome so they’ll want to return and conduct business with you in the future.

The solution

Have a list of best practices that are standardized for visitors. Select the person who will welcome them in advance, reserve the meeting space, and be ready. To assist them and make sure all of their queries are addressed, you may give them a modest welcome package that includes the Wi-Fi code, information on nearby restaurants, and a plan for the building. You can get the idea from the Best Affiliate Marketing program, all you need to know about marketing.


There are several sins that fall under this theme. Any workplace will have distractions, noise, light, and office gossip. To lessen their impact, you should give careful consideration to your office’s design. Even though you can’t account for every scenario, there are several frequent mistakes to avoid.

The solution

Make an effort to position desks and workstations so that team members won’t be easily distracted by frequent passersby. Consider a color palette that will be motivating but not overpowering. If employees find it difficult to concentrate without their own music playing or if the office noise is too much for them, allow them to wear headphones. Before making any changes to the way your office looks, talk to your employees and ask them honestly whether they think a change would make it difficult for them to stay focused.

The core of Workspace’s business centers is a variety of work environments. in the atrium,” development director Angus Boag adds. Additionally, we want to make sure that our places are neurodiverse and accessible to everyone.

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