MacBook and Apple Computer Repair

A MacBook laptop is the only thing that could possibly be considered more stylish than an iMac desktop. Considering that you can transport your Mac virtually anywhere you go, there’s really no excuse to stay put. However, the more you use your MacBook, the greater the risk that its components will wear out, leaving you with a MacBook that simply will not function any longer. It’s possible that when you start up your computer, there is no image on the screen, your WiFi won’t connect at the local coffee shop or anywhere else, or your MacBook won’t turn on. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, but not having a computer that works can be really frustrating. At Nerds on Call, we are prepared to handle any problems you may be experiencing with your MacBook. You can also get in touch with us by using the contact form on our website. The following is a selection of the Apple MacBook repair services that we provide.

MacBook hardware repair

Have you accidentally damaged your MacBook by dropping it, resulting in a cracked screen, a broken USB port, or a beverage spilt over the keyboard? These are issues with the hardware of the MacBook. Normal wear and tear can also be responsible for specific issues with hardware. It’s possible that your hard drive will become corrupted, that your RAM stick will overheat, or that your LCD will just cease operating. A problem with the hardware exists whenever a physical component is not functioning correctly, regardless of the reason of the issue.

We are able to solve any hardware issue that you may be experiencing, regardless of its specific nature. We are able to repair a wide variety of hardware issues, including faulty USB ports, cracked displays, sticky keyboards, RAM sticks that have burned out, hard drives that won’t spin, and more. To learn more, read the detailed information provided on our page devoted to MacBook hardware repair.

MacBook software troubleshooting

Have an issue with an application that just won’t function properly? Are you seeing that terrible beach ball icon that won’t stop turning and won’t disappear? Problems with the software on a MacBook can be diagnosed and fixed by nerds. If a routine update does not resolve the issue with your software, we are able to test your applications in a variety of different methods to determine the source of the issue.

MacBook protection software

There was a time when it was accurate to say that Macs and MacBooks offered greater protection against viruses than Windows PCs. However, throughout the course of the last few years, an increasing number of computer viruses that are exclusive to Macs have been found. Because of this issue, it is in your best interest to take precautions.

We will utilise Webroot Antivirus to keep an eye on your computer and identify any suspicious files that may exist on it before those files can cause any harm to your system. If your MacBook has already been infected with anything that a standard anti-virus programme is unable to eradicate, we have the know-how to manually remove whatever it is that’s causing the problem. For additional information, please refer to our guide to MacBook protection software.

MacBook Tuneup

It’s possible that all your dated MacBook needs is a simple tuneup if you’ve noticed that it’s not performing as well as it once did. The following is a list of things that can be done to make an older MacBook run faster:

  • Remove viruses and spywar
  • Update all software
  • Clean your browser’s history, cookies, cache, and other junk files
  • Eliminate unused browser extensions
  • Install an adblocker to stop intrusive pop-ups
  • Remove unused widgets
  • Stop unwanted programs from loading on startup
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