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Long Distance Movers – Best Long Distance Moving Companies

Long distance moving can be stressful. We compared more than 20 moving companies to help you choose the right one for your next move. Continue reading to learn which five long distance movers we recommend.

Although there is no standard for “long distance” in the moving industry, most companies use it to mean moves over 100 miles. It can be used to refer to in-state or cross-country moves but not international moves.

We can help you with any move within the 100-mile radius.

The best long-distance movers

International Van Lines–Best Overall

International Van Lines can be described as both a van company (which handles internal moves) and a broker (which outsources moves to other companies). We will get into the differences more later, but this versatility, paired with nationwide availability, equips IVL to handle almost any move.

What makes IVL the best long-distance mover in the world?

Why IVL is the best long-distance mover

IVL has completed over 10,000 moves each year. Nearly 80% of these moves are long distance.1 This makes IVL an industry leader in terms experience.

IVL provides all the standard services that you would expect from a company this size, including packing, loading and unloading, storage, door-to–door service, and so on. There are two key things that make IVL stand out.

IVL can move almost everything you own

While some companies won’t transport heavy or unusual items such as pianos, hot tubs and boats, IVL can handle most of your belongings. These items are more expensive, but it is cheaper than coordinating with another company to move your baby grand.

IVL offers auto transport for motorcycles and cars. If you already have a vehicle, you can add it as an item to your move inventory.

IVL’s auto transportation services are also more expensive, but it is easier to use one company for all your moving needs rather than hiring multiple companies for the same move.

It is affordable

IVL is a well-respected company with a wide range of services and years of experience. You might expect them to charge high rates. We found IVL’s prices to be extremely competitive with other long-distance movers.

Your exact price will vary depending on how far you move and when you move it. However, to give an idea of the cost of an IVL move, we asked for a quote for a move of 2,000 miles for a home with two bedrooms. Our total came to $4,749.52, an excellent price when compared to standard industry prices for long-distance moves.

Atlas Van Lines – Best for In-State Moves

Atlas Van Lines is recommended for moving people who live more than 100 miles from their home but want to stay in the same place. Atlas is a nationwide company with over 70 years of experience in moving.

Atlas is our recommendation

Atlas Van Lines offers full-service moving services with franchises in all 50 states. Atlas is a local, friendly company that offers all the benefits of an international business. Important Point as part of Long Distance Movers.

(Plus, Atlas is one of several moving companies that offers discounts to AAA members.)

Atlas is the preferred choice for in-state moving because of its wide reach and extensive list of services.

It handles both local and interstate moves

Moving companies generally charge more for moves out of state than those within the state. Some companies make their profit by only working with customers who move from one state to the next.

Although this is a smart business strategy, it can be costly for smaller companies that have fewer vans and movers. However, it could leave potential customers in the dust.

Fortunately,Atlas will accept moves of any size or distance. Atlas is there for you, no matter where you are moving.

It conducts background checks on its movers

It’s hard enough to move without worrying about your valuable possessions. Some people don’t hire full-service movers despite their convenience, because they aren’t sure if they are trustworthy.

Atlas conducts extensive background checks on all employees to ensure the safety of customers and their belongings.

United Van Lines – Best for Out-of-State Moves

United Van Lines provides all the convenience and ease of a full-service moving service, no matter how big or far your belongings may be. You can also create a moving package to meet your specific needs. This makes it one of the most cost-effective long-distance moves you can make.

We recommend United

United, like other companies on the list, has been in the business of moving for a while and offers all the standard services. United offers two unique features that make it a great choice for moving out of state.

You get full-value protection for every move

Full-value coverage (FVP), a type of moving insurance, covers the cost to replace your household goods if they are damaged or lost during your move. FVP is offered by most moving companies for a charge, but United offers it for no additional cost on every move.

This is particularly important for long-distance moves as the greater the chance of something breaking or going missing, the more you have to transport your belongings. Important Point as part of Long Distance Movers.

United’s FVP allows you to ship your records and antique rug anywhere in the United States without worrying about the cost of replacement if anything happens.Crash course: Moving coverage

Moving coverage is only necessary when you are moving. Most people don’t think about it. We recommend that you learn as much as you can about the various coverage options for moving.

You can budget easier with its transparent pricing

A full-service moving company for long distance moves can be expensive. Budgeting will also take a lot of your time. Most moving companies require you to complete an in-home estimate, which can make budgeting complicated and time-consuming.

This is the United Breakthrough.

United makes it easy to get everything you needget an instant estimate online. Although the estimate may not be exact, it will give an idea of the cost of your move. United lists the prices of its moving packages on its website so that you can select a package that suits your budget.

U-Pack–Best for tight budgets

U-Pack is a great choice if you want to save money on your move and aren’t afraid to sweat. U-Pack is not a full-service moving company. It’s also less convenient than other companies on this list, but it can still save you thousands of bucks.

We recommend U-Pack

We will be honest with you: Moving cheaply with U-Pack requires more work than moving with other companies on the list. U-Pack allows you to order containers (called ReloCubes), or trailers that can be loaded yourself. You load them and the company ships them to you.

It’s still cheaper than renting a truck to drive across the country. If you don’t want to have to move your fridge or sofa down flights of stairs, hiring a full-service movers is a good option. U-Pack is a great option if you want to save money and still have some convenience.Attempting a DIY move?

Professional movers are skilled at their job because they have the right equipment. If you’re attempting a DIY move, you can skip the typical back pain and sore shoulders with the gear listed on our moving equipment guide.

It’s an inexpensive way to cross-country move

U-Pack provides free quotes for big moves online. We requested a quote to move a 2 bedroom home within 2,000 miles. U-Pack estimated that it would cost $3,127.

U-Pack’s prices are much lower than IVL’s $4749 estimate for similar moves. U-Pack offers loading and unloading assistance for those who are interested. These services can cost you a few hundred dollars and are not always available.

It allows for temporary storage

It can be hard to coordinate every detail of a large move. Perhaps your old house sells before you can move in to your new home, or you need to quickly relocate into temporary housing to get a job.

U-Pack allows you to leave your belongings in the ReloCubes that you rented, and will store them at a U-Pack facility until you are ready. Although it will be more expensive, this can help you to take some of the stress out of stressful times.

Mayflower–Best for personalized services

Mayflower is another full service mover that has a national reach. It also offers a long list of additional services to help anyone with big moves. Although Mayflower does not provide online quotes or over-the-phone estimates, it does offer the bases prices for its moving packages online. Important Point as part of Long Distance Movers.

Mayflower: Why do we recommend it?

Mayflower has been in the mover’s business for more than ninety years. It has learned that every move requires special attention. Mayflower makes it easy to create a move that suits your needs.

You can design your own moving package with it

You first choose one of the three Mayflower moving packages when you are ready to schedule your move.

Plus 1$395
Plus 2$595

The package price is the base price of your move.Your package plus shipping costs will determine your total cost.. All the services included in a full-service move include packing, unpacking and truck loading and unloading.

Each package is unique because of the variety of add-on services included. The Essential package does not include any add-ons. However, the Plus 1 package has one and the Plus 2 package two.

Mayflower offers add-on services such as home theater setup, debris removal and computer setup. To avoid deep cleaning, home maintenance projects and trips to the dump that often follow large moves, opt for a larger package.

It can transport special items

Mayflower, like IVL, can move almost any item in your home. This means you don’t need to purchase a separate carrier for your hot tub, piano, or car. These items can be shipped for an additional charge, but it is well worth it. Plus, you will know your Mustang and harpsichord are safe.

Our recommendations

All of the companies that we have listed can handle your long-distance moves. Their unique strengths will appeal different customers.

  • IVL Our moving company is known for its competitive pricing and extensive list of services. Favorite overall
  • Atlas It is available all over the country, but it still accepts moves from within states. The best in-state moving companiesIn any state.
  • United It includes transparent pricing and full-value protection. Best for state-to-state moving.
  • U-Pack It is affordable The best long-distance mover with tight budgets As long as you are willing to do a little more work, it’s possible.
  • Mayflower’s Add-on services for moving make it even more convenient best for unique moves These areas require extra attention.

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