Introducing Quran Era: The New Way to Learn Quran

Learning Quran for kids when you’re young doesn’t just mean memorizing verses. It’s about more than that. It’s about knowing the stories behind each verse, understanding the nature of faith, and knowing the people who inspired these divine words. For children, it’s about truly understanding what it means to be Muslim and practicing your faith in real life, not just on paper.

Is it relevant?

Quran learning for kids is a subject that has been overlooked in recent years. With parents and children living increasingly busy lives, much of our everyday learning is done through digital mediums, from video tutorials to internet forums. However, learning Islam through these forms and modernizing them can lead to it being widely dismissed as unsafe or unreliable. We see an opportunity to promote religious knowledge within a modern and safe environment—one specifically geared towards kids of all ages.

Does it bring something new?

Quran Era brings Quran learning for kids into a whole new age. This means that when we say Qur’an we really mean it and not just a novel app. Quran Era is the Quran Learning App for children. It was developed with the idea of having our future generation be fluent in Arabic as well as English, which will give them an advantage over their peers in many aspects of life including academics, religious understanding, career opportunities, etc. Quran Era is also designed to tackle the unique problems Muslim children face when trying to learn Quran in the digital age. We believe the children of our future deserve better than apps that only cater to one aspect of their lives without offering a holistic solution!

Are there useful features?

Quran learning for kids shouldn’t be about technology—it should be about actually learning and understanding Quran. But, there are some useful features that can help make children feel more comfortable and confident in their progress. Features like emoji-based feedback, a fun interface, and even parent/teacher access can add a much-needed layer of personalization and reassurance to any children’s digital Quran app. With so many tech options out there right now (and more coming every day), parents will want an app that stands out from all others. It’s not enough to just be easy to use or visually appealing; if you want kids (or parents) to stick around, you need something special.

How is it supported?

We support our learning platform in a few ways. First, we are constantly developing new learning tools and exercises, making sure our app is up-to-date with educational best practices. Second, we have an online community of users where they can learn from each other and share their experiences. Finally, as a growing startup, we’re hiring experienced teachers to create high-quality content so there will always be more for kids to learn! By supporting us in any way you can contribute to helping these children thrive!

What content can be built on top of it?

We’re focused on building a scalable platform that can solve a wide range of problems in Islamic education. Not only will we be using it to teach our own children, but many of our friends and other local parents are also excited about using Quran Era to teach their kids too. We even have plans in place for how we might license out some of our technology at some point in the future.

Is there a plan to evolve?

Quran learning for kids, in fact, our product is already evolving based on customer feedback. Our next step is to provide coaching programs that will make learning faster and more effective because it’s our belief that once a child’s confidence grows, they’ll never forget what they learned.

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