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How to Sell Your Home by Comparative Market Analysis

This article will help you know how comparative market analysis (CMA) assists you in selling your home quickly. Listing your home directly without knowing the market trends will either cause you to make a loss, or it will let your home stay in the market for a long time without dragging any customer. 

For example, if you demand more price than the market prices for your home without knowing the market value of your property will attract no client to your property. Similarly, if you bid less for your home, you can sell it quickly as the market price is high, but you demand less. So, it will cause you to make a loss. Here are some other aspects that will let you know the importance of comparative market analysis. 

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List your home in the broader market.

Comparative analysis of the market is to know it completely and its contemporary market. You are well aware of your home. You know the good and bad, quality of material, cost of design, the life of paint, etc., in short, you know everything about your home, but still, you have to follow certain rules according to the market. For example, you know that the price of your home is Rs5,000,000, but due to some reasons, there is a downflow in the market, and the price of houses similar to yours is Rs4,000,000. Then, unwillingly you have to stage your house at that price. So, to avoid these kinds of losses, you should search for the broader market. 

Estimate the value of your home

You must sell your home according to the market trends to know the exact value of your home. Many online tools can tell you how to evaluate the current value of your property. Through some online applications, you can also know how much repair work your home needs to back into its original form. Without knowing the worth of your home market strategies, you cannot likely sell your home. However, you can also know the price of your home by analyzing other homes in the surrounding, and then comparing yours with that houses.

Ability to find full data

Real estate agents usually do their best to find out all the information related to the property, but sometimes they miss out on some essential information. So, doing comparative market analysis, you can find all the necessary information. Furthermore, various tools like MLS also cannot update you with recent information. If you really desire to sell your home sharply and according to the real estate market trends, then fasten your shoes and go out; find those new advancements in properties that has increased their values, and then submit your full efforts to launch changes into your property.

Make advancements

By comparative market analysis, you can update your home for dragging the attention of potential customers. For example, while visiting different homes in your surroundings, you find that someone has constructed a garage inside their house, which has increased the value of the home, so you should also do the same to sell your home for better profit. Similar, you find a home attractive by its paintwork, you can also restore the paint of your home to make it fancy. So, the comparative market analysis also helps you in making advancements. 


Selling a home without market research is not that much easy. To prove yourself a successful businessman in the field of real estate, you have to go with the flow. Not only for selling or buying your properties, but you have to be aware of upcoming opportunities and threats from the market. However, ‘Sigma Properties’ are showing exceptional efforts in the real estate market and is always here to lead you to sell or buy your properties. 

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