How to Package garments for Shipping

E -commerce becomes additional common in our new lives as a result of the planet has switched to creating everything virtual. rather than searching physically at the mall, we glance at our visual display unit or cellular telephone to solely search on-line and have everything simply sent to our home.

However, we tend to area unit still trying to find that feeling once the cashier packs our garments and that we with confidence walk with our new purchases. Packaging, currently over before, is very important for on-line wear brands as a result of this can be the primary interaction they’ll have with their customers.

custom rigid boxes wholesale Companies should bear in mind the primary impression their users can get from their merchandise through their packaging. as an example, if somebody receives a product with a packaging that appears low cost, the client would possibly raise if the merchandise itself is of quality too. a part of the user expertise additionally involves however the user can react to the packaging.

Is this fun as aesthetically?

What area unit purposeful and protective?

Can customers access their merchandise easily?

These area unit all inquiries to bear in mind once planning wear packaging.

In this diary post, we are going to discuss the foremost common sorts of packaging for garments, the most effective thanks to package your garments in your packaging, and share tips about the way to save cash once shipping!

Type of packaging for garments

Choosing the right packaging material is incredibly vital once causing garments as a result of you wish to decide on a package which will offer the correct aesthetics for your complete, whereas protective the content till it’s received by the client.

The good news is that there area unit several selections to decide on from. as an example, opt for a polymeric amide bag so your delivery remains light-weight and reduces shipping prices. Or, open the box route and pack your garments in numerous sorts of boxes with numerous levels of hardiness. you’ll be able to additionally use cardboard tubes, prepacked arms, and tissue bundling to package your garments for extra twist to your packaging.

Below area unit many sorts of common packaging used for numerous sorts of {clothing|article of wear|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} and clothing.

1 – Folding Carton Box

The folding cardboard box is that the best for light-weight merchandise like socks, underwear, ties, swimwear, etc. this may then be sent in AN external mailbox or shipping carton.

Special folding cardboard box opened

2 – Polyamides and envelopes

Polyamides/envelopes area unit the most effective for light-weight single wear things. this may embody t-shirts, swimwear and lightweight athletic wear. Your traveller can be ready to offer this without charge with their stigmatization on that, and this sender may be sent because it is.

Polyamide Unsplashed through Air Mail


The furrowed mailer box is that the best for things that area unit a bit heavier like pants, jeans, jackets, and really smart if you would like to safeguard your garments or garments from being destroyed. The sender box may be sent because it is.

Brutal Buddhist custom mailer box for yoga shorts

Brutal Buddhist custom mailer box

4 – Rigid box

Rigid boxes area unit the most effective for premium wear varieties like designer baggage, scarves, or jackets/suits. the foremost common style of rigid box is with a separate lid and base, except for one thing additional premium, custom bottle boxes you’ll be able to check the stiff box of the magnetic lid!

Six Nature of Custom Rigid Box for Hands with Stamping Foil

Rigid boxes would force extra packaging once sent, therefore the best is to use one thing sort of a shipping cardboard or sender confine harmony to safeguard your rigid box.

5 – cardboard tube

Special cardboard tubes area unit smart for tiny wear things like socks, underwear, or bonds. Cardboard tubes build a singular unboxing expertise, and you’ll be able to additionally roll your garments and place it during this paper tube.

Special paper tube style


For inspiration, see this special cardboard tube style.

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