How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Platform

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It is imperative that you select (and put to use) the most effective digital marketing platforms for your company in order to gain an understanding of what aspects of a marketing campaign, and ultimately, a marketing strategy, are successful and which ones are not. Choosing the digital marketing platform that is the most suitable for your business requires taking into account a number of important factors, including the following:

Clean Data

Developing an efficient digital marketing strategy for your company requires beginning with data that is both current and reflective of the target audience. Digital marketing platforms that do not place a high priority on the quality of their data and do not adhere to stringent data quality requirements are not good candidates for software partnerships. This is especially important to keep in mind if your business relies on these partners to supplement its own data with information from second- and third-party sources. Keep in mind that the quality of the data your marketing plan is built on will determine how effective it is.

Relationships with Third Parties

It is important to consider the relationships that your third-party digital marketing platform provider has when allocating media spend and budget. They may have integrations with other tools or data sources to provide additional context to your media plans, and in fact, they should have these integrations! These relationships can be leveraged to provide a more complete view of the customer when you are using a digital marketing platform to create a media plan. They can also streamline your marketing planning and execution process, which will ultimately save you valuable marketing dollars in the long run.

For instance, if a digital marketing platform has relationships with television networks or periodicals, your organisation can use this subscription data to get a better understanding of who has been exposed to your offline advertisements, as well as which potential customers you’ve been reaching online. Similarly, if the platform has relationships with other digital marketing platforms, your organisation can use this data to get a better understanding of who has been exposed to your online ads.

The Ability to Look at Campaigns Holistically

Your company most certainly participates in both online and offline marketing campaigns; hence, the capabilities of your digital marketing platform should not be restricted to merely measuring online marketing efforts. Invest in a system that can take both of these into account in order to present you with the most accurate insights and recommendations that will bring you the greatest profit.

Choose solutions that can give you accurate visibility across various marketing channels, rather than just one or two, especially when it comes to digital marketing platforms. This is especially important when it comes to digital marketing platforms. Choose digital marketing platforms that will assist you in managing, analysing, and planning for marketing campaigns spanning social media, email, SMS, your website, and other channels all at once to achieve the highest possible level of digital marketing productivity and effectiveness for your company.

The Marketing Attribution Model

Different marketing attribution models each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the event that your digital marketing solution does not make use of unified marketing measurement, your heritage and outmoded measurement models may provide you with wrong suggestions, which will in turn cost you time, money, and cause you to feel frustrated. For instance, if your digital marketing platform uses media mix modelling or single-touch attribution, your team will always be forced to rely on metrics that are out of date and based on historical data. Furthermore, there is a possibility that they will be missing important data pertaining to the buyer’s journey. Ensure that the “data foundation” of each and every one of your digital marketing initiatives is solid, dependable, and constantly correct by selecting digital marketing platforms that use only the most recent and cutting-edge attribution models.

Platforms for digital marketing are great resources for firms that are trying to establish a presence across a variety of online channels while also ensuring that this presence is generating value (and sales!). Marketers are able to analyse and optimise marketing performance, sales, and engagement with the use of tools such as Marketing Evolution’s single closed-loop platform. This platform provides a comprehensive perspective into the success of a campaign at each touchpoint. You can draw meaningful insights that can inform decisions and drive marketing activities in the future if you have the ability to track detailed data such as media exposures, sales, and geolocation.

Before deciding on a digital marketing platform, you should first define your business’s goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). This will allow you to choose a platform that provides the functionality that is most closely aligned with your company’s requirements.

Your digital marketing strategy is only as good as the platforms (and data!) it is built on, and selecting the appropriate digital marketing platforms can open the door for your brand to an entirely new level of efficacy, results, and success. The bottom line is that your digital marketing strategy is only as good as the platforms (and data!) it is built on.

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