Water Heater Repair Services

Hot Water Heater Repair Services and Why You Need Them Urgently?

Nexgen provides 24-hour service to homes and businesses in Southern California. We can dispatch a technician to you within the hour to diagnose and maintain your comfort. We can install smaller, more efficient water heaters that are easier to maintain and compact. We can install your new water heater professionally to make sure it works perfectly and is connected properly. Read about Hot Water Heater Repair Services below in detail.

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home to determine which model is best for you. It can be expensive and a shock to have to replace your water heater. But we will help you every step of the way. We offer free estimates, competitive pricing, and financing. There are many benefits to installing a water heater. We will likely help you benefit from the following:

  • Efficiency increasesHot water heaters that use less energy are more efficient and heat water more effectively. Ratings of Energy Factor, which are used to measure how hot water is produced for each unit of fuel, have been improved.
  • Reduplication of SpaceWe can install an electric water heater that is smaller than a tankless heater. Tankless heaters are more space-efficient as they can be mounted on a wall or hidden in a closet. This allows for more storage space in your home.
  • Better Hot Water ReplenishmentOld water heaters can cause cold showers and reduced efficiency. We can remove the need to have tanks so that hot water is always available and ready for you when it’s needed.

Water Heater Leak Repair

Even a tiny leak can cause significant damage to your water heater. You must fix it quickly. Leakages can often be fixed without having to replace your water heater. First, locate the source of the leak. It is essential to clean up any spillage. However, the problem will not go away if it isn’t addressed at its source. Turn off the water heater if it is leaking. Also, turn off any gas or power supply to the unit. 

The most common sources of leakage are the pressure relief valve, drain valve and pipe inlet/outlet. This can also cause problems if the inbound pressure is too high. Any repair can be done by a professional technician. We can tighten any connections or components. To determine the source of the problem, our technicians will drain and inspect the water heater tank. The technicians can repair the problem as soon as possible, and they may recommend replacing the old heater with a more reliable one.

Water heater maintenance

Water heaters can be improved by regular maintenance. Flushing a water heater is an important task. It will remove any sediment or debris that may have built up in the tank and lines. These can eventually clog the appliance and cause severe damage. One water heater flush per year is included in our X Protection Plan. A transferrable plan is available, as well as discounts on repairs and priority installation. 

Other important forms of water heater maintenance include adjusting the water temperature, testing the temperature-pressure-release valve, and insulating the pipe to prevent condensation. The water tank insulation can increase efficiency and performance. 

Nexgen’s water heater technicians are skilled in maintenance and can tackle tasks that you might not be able to. We can improve the performance and lifespan of your water heater to save you money in the long-term and avoid premature replacement.

Get in touch with NexGen today

Do not attempt to install or repair your water heater by yourself. Nexgen is the number one company for water heater service in Southern California. We offer professional installation, repair and maintenance, as well as free estimates and a lifetime warranty. Nexgen offers in-house financing at affordable monthly rates and low interest rates. Accepted credit cards include all majors. Call 888-569-6913 for information, a free quote, or emergency service, or submit your zip code to check immediately if we service your area.

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