Each time I go to Antigua Guatemala, a wonderful provincial town in the South of the country, I’m flabbergasted by the quantity of retired people who chose to come spend their brilliant years in Guatemala. I saw an inquiry on Mr Cash Mustache about where the best spot is resign early, so we should check the expenses out.


Here is a more point by point post about the typical cost for most everyday items in Guatemala.

Lease: You can track down an exquisite little spot for $500, or an extravagance house for $1,000, both completely outfitted, with all bills however power included. Indeed, even wifi.

Food: We eat well, have meat once a day in any event, and purchase a lot of liquor for $200 each month. A lunch at a little comedor will cost you $2, and a more pleasant café supper costs $20 or more per individual however can equal with global food.

Medical care: Most retired people don’t have health care coverage, however medical care is modest. A visit to a US prepared specialist costs $20 to $50 and you can visit a nearby specialist for substantially less that this.

Transportation: Having your own vehicle isn’t exactly an unquestionable necessity on the off chance that you live in Antigua Guatemala or around Lake Atitlan, where tuk tuks and taxi boats will take you anyplace for $2. You can lease a vehicle for $20 every day when you need to visit the country.

Staff: A full time house cleaner costs about $200 each month, or $12 per day on the off chance that you believe she should come one time each week.

Charges: We get charged at 6% of gross pay, as we work as a LLC. We pay 0.9% a year in local charges over the fortunately underestimated cost of our properties. Tank is 12% and that is about it. We could guarantee organization costs to get the Tank back yet would pay 31% of our advantage in charges, so the 6% works better since our costs are low.

Since we have no home loan, we live on about $1,000 each month with a full time staff, two vehicles, a speedboat and several outings abroad during the year.


To do it the outrageous way, you can live on $400 every month or less. A little house in my town as of late sold for $6,000 on a 900 sqm plot. It is an essential covered hovel, and except if you would prefer to reside in Detroit, you will find not many houses in that frame of mind in that cost range.

Those houses lease for under $100 per month, add $50 for utilities, $50 for food (a rice and bean diet for the most part), and an infrequent $2 feast at the seared chicken joint. You can dress at the neighborhood secondhand shop for $0.5 a shirt and take transport rides for $1 60 minutes. Since you can’t manage the cost of Baygon, better find an intestinal sickness free zone, and consistently have the cost of a ticket back home set something aside for sterile bringing home.


For individuals like me, living abroad isn’t a penance, going against the norm. I love the gentle climate, my lakefront paid for house, and can bear to return to France at whatever point I need. I just went for an entire month and did all the loved ones visits I needed.

However, you ought to include the expenses of flying to and fro assuming you anticipate voyaging frequently. The way that you will be away from your loved ones. The language hindrance on the off chance that you show up without talking it. The distinction in diet, you won’t find every one of the items you are utilized to in the grocery store. The additional expense of a few imported items you will most likely be unable to live without. From grains to PCs to utilized vehicles, we pay a premium to purchase stuff from abroad.

There is likewise the visa cost, in Guatemala a long term residency can be gotten through a legal counselor for $1,000 (or you can go line awake for hours in hot and sticky workplaces, or make a visa race to Mexico at regular intervals). Then you can restore for an additional 2 years prior to applying for super durable residency.


Lodging: That will be your primary expense, and it can change enormously contingent upon where you resign. In the event that you are going the exit from any 9 to 5 work course on a normal compensation, you will not have the option to bear the cost of lodging in a significant expense of living region.

You can lease a little spot in the Midwest for $400, limit your food financial plan to $200 by cutting coupons, have a high deductible health care coverage cover like MMM for $250, cycle around, grow a nursery and lower your warming costs by wearing additional layers. A $2,000 spending plan, similar to the agreeable Guatemalan retirement spending plan, is entirely reachable with some committed fun cash for occasions or anything you extravagant.

Assuming that you have previously taken care of your home, to make an apple to apple correlation, you ought to regard the value as inactive cash, since you would get a less expensive house abroad and that cash isn’t bringing you premium or anything.


Indeed. If you have any desire to partake in a better quality of living for a similar expense. In your 30s, having a staff is an extravagance, however in your 60s, having somebody convey some food and mop the floor when your back harms is really wonderful.

If you have any desire to visit another objective and are interested about different societies, living there for half a month or a couple of years is a one of a kind encounter.

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