Dhow Cruise Highlights – Find dramatic sky lines and shiny Qatar waters

If you are in Doha, Qatar, then order a place on a traditional Dhow cruise ship operated in Doha to find dramatic horizons and sparkling ocean waters. A Dhow voyage offers passengers the opportunity to see the dramatic coastline of Doha and Beautiful Horizon, which makes it one interesting one of the Dhow shipping. Order your slot now!

Something you see only if you visit here

It is recommended for a tourist to order reservations online beforehand so he can avoid the last minute. Dhow Cruise Be sure to bring your camera with you on your tour, you will definitely capture some spectacular shots for the perfect souvenir. Order now!

Why do you have to choose this than other people?

There are many dhow cruise ships available in Dubai lately, but no one can give you experience like traditional Dhow shipping. This is because these ships have been popular since old age and have their own meaning attached to it. If you look forward to visiting countries such as Oman, Kuwait or Bahrain, then that is a must to take a ride on one of these classic ships. These ships usually operate in the distance from the coast.

Activities in Dhow Cruise

Tourists can enjoy a captivating scuba diving, with facilities by the Blue Fish Diving Center. They can also try their hands in some snorkeling or just relax in the deck, listen to world music as they sail through one of the calm seas throughout Qatar.

The restaurant you will find on Dhow Cruise

There are many restaurants that offer rich dishes to be chosen while sailing on Dhow Cruise. Make sure you can enjoy Lebanese, Indian, Chinese and French cuisine with your family or friends. This is an entertaining experience for everyone involved.

And finally, who are the people behind this extraordinary experience?

A award -winning shipping company that is more than three decades, five stars are still considered as one of the best dhow cruise ships in Doha. This is a member of the Dhow Cruises International Association, who provides guarantees for tourists who take the tour. They have many cruising choices available from sunset to the Full Moon Cruise Ship that can meet different needs.

The most popular dhow cruise ship

Here are the top three dhow cruise ships that you can order today. Marina Dhow Cruise There are 14 totals available for ordering, but all three have been chosen by other customers as their favorite

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