Best Yankee Swap Gifts

Best Yankee Swap Gifts

You’ve looked online, but the Yankee Swap concept you’ve been seeking for is nowhere to be found. With a variety of suggestions, from humorous Yankee Swap gifts to silly Yankee Swap gift ideas, we have the appropriate listicle here. Yankee Swap suggestions from Tellinga can help you maintain the sense of surprise. Get together with your loved ones to celebrate the brilliant notion of Yankee Swap gifts. We are always faced with a plethora of product options, making it difficult for us to choose the ideal Yankee Swap present. We are constantly inundated with options on the internet, from Gadget King to Uncommon Goods to calming home d├ęcor ideas, and just can’t decide if we want to buy it for ourselves or keep it on our wish list. Tellinga offers you some unique Yankee Swap ideas that you can trade with someone you haven’t given anything to in a long!

Tellinga offers 20 fantastic Yankee Swap gift suggestions that you can exchange with a coworker or someone else you haven’t had an opportunity to buy a gift for and express your sincere gratitude to.

1. Tellinga

You may communicate your tale through snail mail with a multipurpose, personalised, and entirely handmade card from Tellinga. A Houston-based firm called Tellinga curates handwritten cards based on your preferences and ideas. Give your coworkers a unique, handcrafted card that they will treasure and be proud to display. They are that excellent!

After a few days, the story’s designated recipient will begin receiving one-of-a-kind, birthday card-sized illustrations in their mailbox every other day until the package is finished. Every card sent contributes to the battle against Alzheimer’s, breast cancer research, or the treatment of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The receiver will begin getting hand-drawn greeting card-sized images every other day until the package expires once Tellinga generates a box of cards based on the description you provide. The best aspect is that no two greeting cards are same; each one is special and will undoubtedly lift the recipients’ spirits and make it a prized Yankee Swap gift. The other Yankee Swap gift suggestion on the blog can also be paired with Tellinga. You might well end up becoming the group’s favourite person if you give them the humorous Yankee Swap present along with the hand-drawn greeting card. Not only that, but Tellinga also uploads digital versions of the customised gift cards after the box is delivered so that group members can use them. Along with an item from the list of Yankee Swap ideas on our site, Tellinga unquestionably brings out the character in your daily mailbox.

Modern life is fast-paced, and because of the pandemic, we are unable to interact socially or meet up in person as we formerly could. Sending greeting cards from Tellinga to loved ones is unquestionably a wonderful and considerate gesture. Show them how much they mean to you by giving them a customised drawn gift card and a humorous Yankee Swap item. We have selected gift ideas for Yankee Swap from every event and every experience so that you may remember the beach vacation you did with your friends, the hike you took to the nearby peak in your city, the impromptu trip to the lake, and the chaotic New Year’s Eve club experience!

2.Pineapple Cocktail Cup

The ideal Yankee Swap present suggestion for your “Alcohol Buddy” is a pineapple cocktail mug! With this adorable pineapple mug, you can amp up any drink and celebration. Impressing your friends at the next home party will be a piece of cake thanks to this multipurpose cocktail mug. It looks wonderful on display and will say a lot about your taste. Use this excellent Yankee Swap Idea to welcome your friends at the next party. With this Yankee Swap concept, you may add insulation and the aroma of good taste to the cocktail experience. Obtain a delightful storybook greeting card from Tellinga to go with this cocktail cup!

3. Zippered bags

You’ll always have this Yankee Swap gift in your purse, and we can’t even begin to list how many times it has been useful. This multipurpose collapsible bag organises your day, especially since more and more establishments charge you for bags. Make the most of and arrange your necessities in this bag. As a humorous Yankee Swap gift, give this bag to ease the strain while you go on an impromptu shopping spree. To complete your Yankee Swap gift idea, combine this foldable bag with a card from Tellinga!

4. Vehicle Essential Device

We have the ideal Yankee Swap present for your car for your pal who spends a lot of time driving. We understand that they likely have everything in their car, but there are many ways to improve your driving experience. Your “motor-head” friend will love this Yankee Swap gift idea! It features many compartments for the driver’s convenience items and a helpful car seat organiser to keep everything organised. Show how much your friend means to you by combining this Yankee Swap gift idea with a hand-drawn greeting card from Tellinga.

5. Tiny Cactus Mist Mist

The best Yankee Swap gift for your skin is a little humidifier for an enclosed space like an office to keep your skin moisturised. It is really affordable, simple to set up, adorable, and a fantastic Yankee Swap present idea. It’s important trying to keep the skin glowing and healthy even during business hours. To get the most advantage from this little humidifier, position yourself within a foot or two of the mist. We recommend it for compact rooms. Combine this Yankee Swap gift suggestion with a card from Tellinga to show how much you value that person.

6. A Cup with Friends

We recognise that whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you need a friend to keep you company while working late-night hours. You may make your day better and your late-night shifts more enjoyable with a Yankee Swap gift suggestion of a mug with a cute small animal hidden within. Make your coworker’s day better with this wonderful Yankee Swap gift and a personalised card from Tellinga.

7. Coffee Mug with a Camera

Keep inspired and energised by your best Yankee Swap gift idea. With this fantastic coffee mug, your coffee break will be more fun. a specially made copy of a DSLR camera lens. You may be sure to always be energised, caffeinated, and motivated thanks to its fantastic 12 oz capacity. Include some coffee beans and a coffee grinder as a gift suggestion for Yankee Swap to motivate them to work hard to achieve their objective. Young photographers may be inspired by this Yankee Swap present. To complete this present, include a Tellinga Christmas greeting card!

8. A beverage dispenser

Perfect for your bibulous friend, a Yankee Swap suggestion. Pour expertly! a chic method for keeping the drinks flowing. A simple Yankee Swap present idea that can dress up your hangout session is a wood log booze dispenser. With the help of this elegant stainless steel liquor dispenser, keep your house orderly. With this Yankee Swap gift idea, you can improve the appearance of your event and leave a lasting impression. The wooden dispenser’s construction keeps the booze chilled for those protracted late-night discussions. This alcohol dispenser goes great with Tellinga’s humorous narrative postcards.

9. The Wooden Docking Station Is Useful!

Give your disorganised coworkers the best Yankee Swap gift ever: a stand for them to stack their crap on. Their desk will be more organised and have a unique aspect thanks to the wooden stand. Keeping this wooden rustic charm docking station will give your home a sense of class and an artistic facelift. One of the best Yankee Swap presents that is always a winner! Combine this Yankee Swap concept with a greeting card made by Tellinga.

10. A cactus-shaped jewellery dish.

This is the greatest Yankee Swap gift idea if your friend is concerned with keeping items neat, tidy, and in their proper places. Show off your jewellery by placing it on a tabletop or arranging it on a shelf. With this vibrant, cheerful jewellery holder that will brighten up your wardrobe, you can store your accessories in flair. It is a simple choice for Yankee Swap gift suggestions. With this ring holder, add a personalised greeting card from Tellinga!

11. Stylus-Tipped Pen Light

A thoughtful present! The ideal Yankee Swap present for the office party is this. The phrase “Success Dreams Create Reality” is inscribed on the pen. This three-in-one ballpoint pen has a replacement battery, replaceable ink cartridge, an LED flashlight, and a stylus tip. Everything a person needs to get through a busy workday is contained in this practical pen. With this Yankee Swap gift idea, you can never go wrong. This pen is prepared and comes in a stylish gift box. When they learn that you were the one who gave them this present plus a personalised note from Tellinga, you’ll quickly become the favourite coworker.

12. Platform Scented Candle

With this Yankee Swap present, you may show off the aroma of your residence with style while celebrating any event. The experience that the candle creates is calming, delicate, and revitalising. To create a marvellously fragrant focal point, light the candle with the three-level wick. With this Yankee Swap present, the decor will be elevated to a whole new level. The scent is equally unique; it is intricate, nuanced, and made of essential oils. Pair these ceramic candles with a handcrafted card from Tellinga to enhance the ambiance of their flat.

13. A desk-top whiteboard

Give your unreliable friend who is always late this necessary Yankee Swap present. The chalkboard is placed on tabletops in houses and has a variety of uses. They can also have fun with it by writing sweet notes for their wives, recipes, or to-do lists. In order to ensure that you never run out of materials, this comes with a box of chalks. With this Yankee Swap item and a card from Tellinga, you can’t go wrong!

14. Travel makeup bag

This multi-purpose bag, which has roomy compartments, is a must-have on the list of Yankee Swap gift suggestions and can be your fantastic companion whether you’re travelling on a business trip for three days or spending the next two months visiting your parents. The compartment lengths can be changed to accommodate all the stuff you want to carry, regardless of size. Because it has two pads, you can also carry expensive electronics inside of it. The perfect Yankee Swap present for your pal who travels! Add a unique greeting card from Tellinga to complete this multi-use bag idea!

15. Travel Wallet: Securely Store Your Essentials

For travel enthusiasts, a passport travel organiser is a fantastic Yankee Swap idea! The last thing you want to deal with while travelling is stressing out over misplacing your important travel documents. One of the best Yankee Swap gifts is presented to you by our curator: a wonderful organiser that will keep everything in order and safeguard your personal information in a handy travel container. Make your trip less stressful and more orderly by simplifying it with this Yankee Swap gift suggestion! To complete this Yankee Swap gift, add a card from Tellinga!

16. Cutting Board For An Obsessive Chef,

A cutting board is necessary in every home. The fixation of those with OCD is brought out by this fantastic Yankee Swap gift idea. With the help of this precise cutting board, it’s time to unleash your inner obsessive in the kitchen. This sturdy cutting board has measures written in minute detail for precise slicing and dicing. For all home cooks and your most discerning friends, the precision chef cutting board is the ideal Yankee Swap present. Vegetables with strangely shaped edges, be gone! Give your gift idea the finishing touch with a creative greeting card from Tellinga!

17. Wine Bottle Stopper with Birthstones

For elegant gift suggestions for the Yankee Swap, consider these handcrafted wine bottle stoppers with birthstone designs. Buying a specific birthstone isn’t necessary because they are all lovely and distinctive. With this unique and top Yankee Swap gift idea, amaze your friends or be amazed by them. Pair a personalised greeting card from Tellinga to wow them!

18. Travel-sized record player

A portable suitcase turntable is one of the best Yankee Swap gift suggestions; it is a true classic and is packed with features. has an integrated speaker for wirelessly streaming music from vinyl records of any size. Design that is portable and has a carry handle Music may be played wherever you are thanks to the built-in stereo speakers. A person with outstanding taste in music needs a portable suitcase record player! An ideal Yankee Swap present for someone with vintage-inspired style. Pair this present with a special Tellinga storybook!

19. A little desk vacuum

When you need a little friend to help you clean up, this adorable little companion is the ideal Yankee Swap gift idea for your desktop. You can access even the smallest spots with two vacuum attachments, even the crumbs in your keyboard. Think outside the box and give your dirty workaholic friend this small vacuum as a fun Yankee Swap gift idea! To complete this present, add a charming greeting card from Tellinga!

20. Who Likes To Get Soaked In Sand? 20. Sand Proof Beach Blankets

Take control of the beach with this gorgeous, eye-catching beach blanket! One of the top Yankee Swap gift suggestions that makes planning a beach getaway simple. Finally, a quick-drying towel! A necessary travel gear is this colourful towel. To your fellow beach lovers, you should suggest the beach blanket as a Yankee Swap gift idea. Please remember to let Tellinga write your beach story!


We comprehend the difficulty in selecting “that” present for “that” individual. We recognise that not every listicle on the internet provides a comprehensive response to your search, and the same is true with Reddit posts. Therefore, we performed the research for you and came up with the top 20 gift suggestions for the Yankee Swap for every type of person you know, every type of mood, and every type of occasion your friend might attend.

When you combine these Yankee Swap presents with the Tellinga gift card, you’ll hear them raving about the cheery present you gave them. We take care to make sure you have the best Yankee Swap gifting experience and emerge as the recipient of the most gifts. By mentioning us in your posts, you can share your thoughts on the Yankee Swap ideas that have been particularly selected.

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