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Best Massage in Washington Dc

Alexanria Massage Therapy and Wellness Center

Alexandria Massage Therapy and Wellness Center advances entire body wellbeing through its remedial administrations. The middle serves clients in Washington DC and its encompassing regions. Its back rub advisors perform profound tissue, Swedish, and sports knead. Its professionals additionally give other wellbeing and spa medicines, including hot stone treatment, needle therapy, Reiki, fragrant healing, facials, and waxing administrations. The middle likewise offers classes for early on Pilates and couples reflexology. Clients can likewise get some information about its one-on-one reflection, care, and extending meetings.


Georgetown Chiropractic and Massage Center offers types of assistance to people in the Washington, D.C. metro and the encompassing networks. It obliges people who are experiencing body torment and sports wounds. The facility additionally takes care of expert entertainers, military craftsmen, and clinical patients. It offers a full scope of back rub treatments utilizing various modalities. Inhabitant knead advisors Reza Zandieh and Sandra Whittingham bring over 40 years of industry experience. Whittingham has accepted her yoga educator preparing affirmation from the Sivananda Yoga Farm in California.


Georgetown Massage and Bodywork is a wellbeing office that gives treatment administrations to people in the Washington, D.C. metro. It offers a full determination of administrations, for example, express seat, table Thai, hot magma shell, Thai yoga, hot stone, and pre-birth knead. The back rub facility additionally leads lymphatic waste, Reiki or pranic recuperating, reflexology, myofascial measuring, and CBD rub. Furthermore, it offers normal healthy skin items and more than 50 sorts of natural ointments. Georgetown Massage and Bodywork has been doing business beginning around 2022.

Hands on Healing

Hands on Healing serves clients all through the DMV region. As a sole specialist, Byron can guarantee consistency, incredible skill, and client-focused care for each client. He integrates Swedish and profound tissue methods close by care and brain body mindfulness apparatuses to make every meeting restorative and coordinated at your center worries, whether that be aggravation the board, useful increases, stress alleviation, or general prosperity. Hands on Healing is right now a portable work on, offering rub at your home or working environment, with an in-home studio coming at some point this year.

Ruler Massage Therapy

Ruler Massage Therapy furnishes patients with a roomy, private, and agreeable space in which to get mending and loosening up administrations. The talented Washington D.C.- region proprietor specialist has a broad foundation in life structures, physiology, development, and energetics to assist patients with accomplishing a more noteworthy feeling of equilibrium and generally prosperity. He can help and guide clients with mending from injury, advancing unwinding, and undertaking significant wellness and wellbeing the board objectives. Ruler Massage Therapy has some expertise in giving adjusting yoga, profound tissue, remedial back rub, and loosening up Swedish back rub. The devoted authorized specialist likewise centers around giving pre-birth, work support, and post pregnancy rub. He focuses on conveying the most elevated level of administration and care to every patient during modified treatment meetings. Ruler Massage Therapy likewise keeps a canine accommodating climate complete with a back rub table measured floor pad for pet allies to appreciate.

Ohana Wellness

Ohana Wellness offers recuperating, stress the board, and unwinding administrations to clients in and around Washington DC. The middle represents considerable authority in back rub and needle therapy treatment. Its essential administrations incorporate Swedish, Thai, profound tissue, and trigger point treatment rub. It likewise offers Reiki, a Japanese mending method that comprises of directing energy for recuperating. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Ohana Wellness offers remedial grade rejuvenating oils. The middle likewise gives little studios that cover extending, chi gong, and yoga.

Sparkle Massage and Wellness Studio

Sparkle Massage and Wellness Studio gives a comfortable, loosened up air in which patients can get remedial back rub and bodywork medicines. The Washington D.C.- region studio has some expertise in playing out a scope of remedial modalities including Swedish, profound tissue, manual lymph waste, Reiki, myofascial discharge, craniosacral treatment, and hot stone back rub. The agreeable, authorized, and affirmed advisors have numerous long periods of involvement and skill in assisting clients with feeling revived and restored. Sparkle Massage and Wellness Studio focuses on conveying the most elevated level of administration and care with medicines that take special care of individual wellbeing and health objectives. Devoted experts urge patients to feel quite a bit better about consolidating rub as a normal component of an individual wellbeing and taking care of oneself routine. Sparkle Massage and Wellness Studio respects clients with special limits and deals on knead administrations.

The Well

The Well invites patients hoping to ease pressure, recuperating from a physical issue, or preparing for an occasion. The Washington D.C.- region knead practice spends significant time in giving imaginative treatments to the body and psyche. A group of authorized, ensured specialists centers around advancing family wellbeing and health through knead, yoga, psychotherapy, needle therapy, Chinese medication, and wellbeing classes. The Well is an individual from the American Massage Therapy Association and offers quality health administrations at a scope of costs to suit individual client spending plans. Patients can depend on the devoted back rub advisors to convey the most significant level of care and administration that meets individual unwinding and recuperating objectives. The Well elements a local area of healers with preparing in an assortment of bodywork modalities to assist with recapturing balance, reestablish imperativeness, and address ongoing or intense torment. Patients can hope to experience experts with expertise, training, and an enthusiasm for assisting with facilitating pressure, stress, as well as help with accomplishing balance.

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