Gifts for New Homeowners

Best Gifts for New Homeowners

When buying housewarming presents, it’s difficult to go wrong with establishments with well-known registries like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate + Barrel. Major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond also stock everything from small appliances and computers to kitchenware and home decor. Below, we’ve highlighted several noteworthy presents based on prior coverage while also taking into account Shopping readers’ preferred merchants.

Lodge 6-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Enamel

Chef Stefano Veila, who has decades of experience, mentioned his preference for Lodge’s enamelled cast iron Dutch ovens in our guide to Dutch ovens. They may be used on any stovetop, are water- and rust-resistant, and are made for even heating, claims the company.

Where We Always Pan

The Always Pan is an excellent option if you’re having trouble deciding what kind of cookware to give someone; Select writer Kala Herh claims that after purchasing one, she threw out all of her other pans. According to the brand, the well-known Always Pan is intended to take the place of eight common kitchen appliances: the fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and spoon rest. It also comes in a number of distinctive hues, such as Spice (a pinkish shade), Heat (a deep red), and Blue Salt.

White & Color Ambiance A19 LED Starter Kit from Philips

A kind and useful housewarming gift are smart bulbs: With a set of smart lights, you can use your phone and voice commands to manage every aspect of your lights, including their power and brightness. With over 16 million colour options, these Philips Hue Smart Lights may be used with any Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant device. The maker claims that they fit in most light fittings and have a normal lifespan of 23 years.

15-inch Amazon Echo Show

The newest addition to the Echo line-up is the Amazon Echo Show 15. This smart device from Amazon may be mounted to the wall and supported on the counter, unlike Amazon’s other smart devices. According to the manufacturer, it utilises Amazon’s AZ2 Neutral Edge processor, which has a new visual ID function that scans your face anytime you pass by and displays your screen with calendar events, reminders, and more.

Luxe Aura Mason

One of our favourite digital picture frames is the Aura Mason Luxe. One of the company’s most recent models, the 9.7-inch frame has infinite capacity and can display both photographs and videos in either landscape or portrait orientation. The Aura app allows users to post photographs and videos from anywhere, allowing you to give family members access from anywhere in the world.

Custom Keurig K-Mini Plus

The company Keurig recently introduced customised brewers that you can personalise with monograms, names, patterns, and more if you’re looking for a housewarming present for a coffee enthusiast. For smaller areas, the K-Mini Plus model is less than 5 inches wide and can brew cups of coffee that range in size from 6 to 12 ounces. According to the company, it has a Strong Brew option for more potent coffee brews and a pod storage capacity for up to nine K-Cup pods.

Silky Tencel Sheet Set from West Elm

The majority of individuals will value a housewarming present that makes it easier for them to sleep at night. This sheet set might make an excellent present if you are aware that they haven’t spent much money on their bedding. After purchasing my condo, I upgraded to these West Elm Tencel sheets, and I love how silky smooth they are. For hot sleepers, the fabric’s ability to wick sweat and dissipate heat is an excellent feature.

Clear Glass Vase, CB2

Because most people don’t consider buying one until they actually need one, vases are excellent housewarming presents (speaking from personal experience). This CB2 handblown glass vase features a straightforward white polka dot pattern and an 8-inch opening for larger arrangements. You can put some fresh flowers in the vase to finish off the present.

individual welcome mat

Create a personalised welcome mat with their last name proudly displayed for them to utilise in making their new home feel like home. You currently have a choice of four sizes: 18 by 18 inches, 24 by 16 inches, 30 by 18 inches, or 36 by 24 inches.

Cake Stand in Colored Glass by Mosser

This Mosser Glass cake stand with a vintage flair will be useful for both bakers and hosts. The cake stand is made of colour flint glass and comes in three sizes and seven colours. For an additional cost, a glass dome lid can be added.

Address Label for the Shutterfly Signature Gallery

These personalised labels can make it simpler for them to put the new address to envelopes as moving comes with a new address. The label can be personalised with their last name, address, and colours of your choice.

Serving Tray with a Custom Map

This personalised map tray is a wonderful housewarming present that can recognise a particular place in their life, whether it’s the place they met, the site they were married, or the location of their new home, whether they love to host or just need something to match their dining room table. Any address you want to highlight is surrounded by three square miles on each mango wood serving platter.

Truff Variety Pack of Hot Sauce

You frequently have to leave open condiments that could spill everywhere behind when moving from one place to another. The Original, HOTTER, and White TRUFF are three of the truffle-infused hot sauces from the artisanal condiment business TRUFF that are included in this variety pack. The spicier sauces are packaged in a modern matte black packaging with white foil lettering.

Brunch at Russ & Daughters in New York

They will have to rely on takeout and meals that require no preparation until they unpack their kitchen. Surprise them with this opulent brunch delivery from Russ & Daughters that feeds up to six people, complete with 1 pound of smoked salmon, six bagels, 1 pound of cream cheese, a chocolate babka, 1 pound of coffee, a tote bag, and a ceramic mug if you want to help them out those first few weeks in the new home. It ships nationally and is free of charge.

The Clean Essentials of Blueland

An eco-friendly cleaning set could make a kind housewarming gift for friends or family members who value the environment. The EPA maintains two programmes to certify these products: Safer Choice and Design for the Environment, according to experts we previously spoke to regarding eco-friendly cleaning products. Blueland, a brand that has been Safer Choice-certified and has previously appeared on Shark Tank, is one of the most well-known brands. The well-known Clean Essentials package includes tablets for each of the four reusable bottles of hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaning, and glass + mirror cleaner.

Pothos Tree

Although they might not be the best at maintaining plants, they ought to be able to care for a low-maintenance indoor plant. The Pothos was originally suggested by Jean Berg, general manager of Philips Interior Plants & Displays, who remarked that it can flourish in almost any indoor setting with medium to strong indirect light.

Set of Encore Bar Tools from Williams-Sonoma

A strainer, a bottle opener, ice tongs, a stirring spoon, a double-sided jigger, and a stand to conveniently store everything are all included in this bar equipment set. The brand claims that every instrument is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup simple after serving drinks to visitors or themselves.

Soft serve ice cream maker from Cuisinart

An at-home ice cream maker can make the process simpler, experts informed us in our guide to the top ice cream makers. With the touch of a dial, this Cuisinart product can produce ice cream, yoghurt, sorbet, and sherbet. The three condiment dispensers let you to mix in and store your preferred toppings.

Luxury Bathtub Caddy by ROYAL CRAFT

Help them create a spa-like atmosphere with a bath tray if they have a bathtub and enjoy relaxing in it. This one is made of bamboo wood and can accommodate a variety of objects, including a book, tablet, candle, and wine glass. The manufacturer claims that it should fit in practically any bathtub and that it is entirely adjustable.

Ride The Ticket

One of our favourite adult board games, Ticket to Ride, challenges players to construct train routes across the nation. It can be played with two to five players and is a perfect choice for families and couples alike because it is “very easy to swallow,” according to Lincoln Damerst, director of media at BoardGameGeek.

Nebula projector from Anker

A projector can be useful to the new homeowners you’re shopping for if they enjoy watching TV or streaming movies. Hanna Horvath, a writer for Select, bought an Anker Nebula Projector while she was in quarantine, and it practically took the place of her TV. She said that it works well in bright light and comes with well-known streaming apps pre-installed. “This projector creates some of the greatest quality images I’ve ever seen, and its speaker is omnidirectional, so it sounds like I have a surround-sound speaker setup in my room,” she said.

The Alpha Throw in BAUBLEBAR

A throw blanket may unify a living area and create a cosier, more inviting atmosphere. And to add a subtly personalised touch, this one from BAUBLEBAR with a smiley face pattern may be engraved with the first initial of each of their first names.

Elite AeroGarden Harvest

Depending on what they choose to produce, this indoor garden kit will not only add some beautiful greenery to their house, but it will also give them access to fresh herbs or vegetables. Gardener Julie Bawden-Davis stated that AeroGarden offers “the most advanced technology, notably in the area of lighting and hydroponics” in our guide to indoor gardening kits.

Cheese Board and Knife Set from CTFT

A charcuterie set can make a great housewarming present for someone who enjoys entertaining. This one from CTFT is used by Select author Mili Godio, who enjoys that it features a concealed compartment where you can keep the supplied charcuterie equipment. Four little cheese knives, two pieces of chalk, and two slate labels for labelling your cheeses are included with the bamboo board.

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