Gifts for Cooks

Best Gifts for Cooks

Everybody knows someone who always serves up the best food, whether it’s for a weeknight supper or while throwing a party. Give them modern cooking tools they’ll enjoy for years to come and ingredients they’ll swear by to show them how much you appreciate all those great recipes they’ve made. You can trust that the items on this list are of the highest calibre because they are a blend of Food Network tested favourites, our test kitchen picks, and the most recent must-haves.

Cast-iron skillet from Lodge

With a cast iron skillet, you can’t go wrong, and Lodge is the industry leader. This 10-inch model is a versatile size that can produce both a flawlessly cooked cobbler and a fine steak.

Hand-thrown white stoneware spoon rests with glaze patterns

A decent spoon rest is essential for preventing a big mess on the stovetop, as everyone who cooks frequently knows. These hand-thrown spoon rests from Etsy are available in a variety of patterns and give any tabletop a unique touch.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Used Daily (500ml)

Katerina Mountanos, the company’s founder and a certified olive oil sommelier, founded Kosterina with the goal of producing an olive oil that would resemble the bottles her family created in Greece. This Everyday bottle is intended for cooking with a lighter flavour while the majority of the brand’s bottles are flavor-infused and built for finishing.

Sandwich and snack bag bundle in a stasher bag

A wonderful eco-friendly gift to show your environmentally conscious pals how much you care is a stasher bag. These silicone bags work well for cooking as well as storing. In the sandwich bag, mash some guacamole; in the snack-size container, steam some vegetables.

Press and roller set for ravioli

Ravioli making supplies are the perfect gift for the pasta enthusiast in your life. This inexpensive set includes three variously shaped presses and one roller to create ravioli in various ways.

gourmet sea salt with black truffles

Is there anything more opulent than a dish with truffle on top? While truffles that come directly from the ground can be expensive, this truffle salt from Trufflin makes the perfect present for a home cook who enjoys adding flair to their meals. We advise purchasing a bottle of the ranch and Sriracha — for yourself — if you’re seeking for even more truffle-flavored goods.

Mini Round Cocotte in Stoneware by Le Creuset

Most devoted home cooks probably have a Le Creuset Dutch oven in their kitchen. Give them a few of these little cocettes so they can grow their collection of French cookware. One author claims they’re her favourite holiday gift and uses them for individual desserts, a salt cellar, and other things.

Cellar of Olive Wood Salt

For a home cook who probably hasn’t bought one for themselves, a salt cellar is a nice present. Individual salt and pepper cellars as well as sets are available in this Etsy store. These are simple to open and close with one hand while seasoning meals with the other because to the magnet on the lid.

Cast iron tortilla press, Uno Casa

A tortilla press is a must-give gift for your friend who hosts the best taco parties or enjoys attempting to make everything from scratch. To get the technique just right, it could take a few tries, but once they do, they won’t ever use tortillas from the store again.

Stomachif Candle

This candle was created by the olive oil firm Brightland exclusively for kitchens. After cooking, the fragrance is intended to remove food odours (like a digestif for your kitchen), leaving behind the energising aroma of orange blossom, pepper, and Brightland olive oil.

Pizza Oven, 16-Gasoline Ooni Koda

Seeking a present to impress someone? This year’s gift is the Ooni. This oven makes fresh Neapolitan-style pizzas quickly, turning every backyard pizza gathering into a special occasion. This model’s gas-powered heating system works well for busy midweek dinners as well.

Blender Vitamix Immersion

For years, chefs have used Vitamix blenders in their homes and in kitchens of restaurants, and the company’s most recent model does not dissatisfy. For those who don’t want to use a full-size blender for soups and smoothies, the Immersion Blender, which was released around the end of last year, is the perfect kitchen companion.

Collection of Anova Precision® Cookers (RED)

Many claim that sous vide cooking is the future. Give your aspiring cook an Anova sous vide to put them ahead of the game. The most recent partnership between the company and (RED) will see five percent of each transaction going to the Global Fund to help the pandemic’s hardest-hit regions.

6-in-1 Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer

With this present, you can turn any home cook you know into a fan of air frying. The top-tested product at Food Network Kitchen, the Instant Vortex Plus, has all the bells and whistles you could possibly desire for air frying. Additionally, with a 6-quart capacity, it is one of the roomier models on the market, making it perfect for families.

Where We Always Pan

The Always Pan from Our Place is the ideal present for the home cook who appreciates functionality and has limited space. The pan has multiple uses, including those of a skillet, steamer, saucier, sauce pan, and spoon rest. Grab one as a gift before it’s too late because it has already sold out ten times.

Hunter Ranger

The Ranger’s compact size makes it a more giftable alternative from the leading manufacturer of smokers, Traeger. This model includes a meat probe and a computerised arc controller, just like the company’s full-size smokers. Additionally, the “keep warm” feature guarantees that your food will be ready whenever you are.

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