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Above Ground Pool Installation – Always Choose Best Services

An above-ground pool can provide a lifetime of fun in the sun for your family and friends. With advanced materials, built-in safety features and a revolutionary filtration system, an above ground pool makes a lot of sense. Read about Above Ground Pool Installation below in detail.

We sell, install, and service Kayak pools. Kayal Pools are a better and more cost-effective alternative to above ground pools. They can be set up in only a few hours, they’re easy to maintain and they’re beautiful additions to your home.



Kayak above-ground pool deck is not only functional, it’s safe and attractive as well! With a Kayak Pool, you have the option of a stylish gray or tan deck color, a T or L shape deck, and additional patio decking. Choose one configuration or several to create the look and experience you desire. Either way, the Kayak Pool is guaranteed to have a configuration for your lifestyle, backyard and budget!

Above Ground Pool Installation – Our Responsibility

1. Ambassador Pools will install your new Kayak Pool according to Kayak’s manufacturer specifications.

2. Ambassador Pools will level off the ground up to 12 inches. If it is going to take more than 12 inches, it may result in additional costs. During our free backyard survey, we’ll discuss your backyard and whether any excavation costs will apply.

3. Ambassador Pools will lay the foundation using 4.75-inch-wide one piece bottom channels of the heaviest class extruded aluminum and offer a 30-year structural guarantee. 

4. Ambassador Pools will install Kayak’s 3-way filtration system, making your Kayak Pool one of the least maintenance intensive pools on the planet.

5. Ambassador Pools will transport excavated grass to a per-determined place within a reasonable distance from your pool. If you need to remove excavated dirt, we can accommadate that but it may cost extra. We’ll discuss this with you during your free backyard assessment. 

6. Ambassador Pools will leave boxes from the new pool stacked neatly in your yard or on the curb for trash pickup.

7. Ambassador Pools will do our best to answer all of your pool installation questions during our initial assessment. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 800-752-9000. 

Above Ground Pool Installation – Homeowner’s Responsibility

It is the home-owners responsibility to:

1. The homeowner should pull a permit. Most cities and towns require permits before we can install your above ground pool. We don’t pull permits for you, so if a permit is necessary you must secure it.

2. If you will not be home when we are installing the pool, you should clearly mark where the pool should be installed. We’ll help you with this process during your free backyard assessment, but it’s ultimately up to you where the pool goes.

3. You should clearly mark where the pump and filter will go. For a round pool, it can go anywhere you like – for an oval pool, it will need to go on one of the four corners to ensure the best water circulation.

4. You should know any regulations that your city or town require you to follow. For instance, you’ll need to know how far away the pool must be from property lines or houses, etc. Since we don’t obtain the permits, we’ll rely on you to tell us that information. 

5. Provide clear access/path for our tractor. If that is not possible, we may charge an additional fee to dig by hand.

6. You should inform us of any obstructions below the surface of the lawn. It’s important that we know about any septic systems, sprinklers, or other items around the area that we will be working.

7. You should have a usable electrical outlet within a reasonable distance from the pool area. We’ll need this for construction purposes.

8. You should have a usable water source and a garden hose that is long enough to reach the pool. We will start filling the pool with your water hose regardless of whether or not water is being trucked in. Setting the pool liner is crucial during installation.

9. After we install your new pool you’ll need to fill the pool to about 12 inches and let it sit overnight. This will allow the liner to stretch and settle. Failure to do this may void the warranty.

10. You should backfill the pool with desired landscape material BEFORE the pool is full and in use. This protects the pool. Failing to do so may void your warranty.

Why Choose Ambassador Pools

Ambassador Pools is a family owned and operated dealer. We’ve provided homeowners with quality above ground pools at affordable prices for over three decades.

We offer complete service using only our direct employees (we do not use any subcontractors). For most families, deciding on an installation is a major decision. Quality, durability and cost efficiency is a must.

You can expect fun, enjoyment and fitness for years to come while bringing your backyard alive with activity and increasing the value of your home. We promise to bring smiles to your household for years to come.

Ambassador Pools has local representatives and do installations in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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