11 awesome sales management tools that your business needs!

11 awesome sales management tools that your business needs!

Businesses that have a strong sales management procedure are successful businesses.

Such organizations discover the ideal mix for their company that enables them to clinch a deal and enhance it further, from developing sales management teams to deploying sales management technologies.

It’s critical to focus on every part of your everyday work as a company grows.

Using a CRM or sales management technology allows your sales staff to operate more productively and provide better results without these headaches.

We understand that your company may be unfamiliar with the idea or unsure about where to begin.

Don’t worry; we are here to allay your concerns.

We’ll explain to you what sales management is and how using a sales management application may assist make work easier and more manageable when your teams are very busy.

What is Sales Management? (Definition)

Simply said, managing the people and resources needed to sell a company’s goods or services is what is meant by “sales management.”

Any business must correctly manage its sales because they are the only source of revenue.

Therefore, if your company makes any money, you absolutely need a sales management strategy!

By setting up a completely impenetrable sales organization and stronger communication channels, sales management also promotes sales growth.

Planning, implementing, administering, and overseeing all active sales programs as well as the sales representatives involved in the program are all part of comprehensive sales management.

Overall, sales management maintains your company on course through the management of its sales activities and the effective use of sales strategies.

Why Does Your Firm Need Sales Management? (Importance)

Today, sales management is a requirement for all commercial enterprises.


Because if your sales procedures end after simply locking the buyer in, you can be skipping over other crucial details.

To help you reach out to those nooks and crannies that you’re probably losing out on, you can even use sales management solutions. They aid in boosting profits while assisting your company in remaining competitive.

An excellent technique to assess which tactics are successful and whether the sales team can accomplish its objectives is through sales management. Additionally, it serves as a barometer to forecast impending changes in the market brought on by competitors and laws.

You will be helpless without sales management in such circumstances.

We are aware that sales management may initially appear to be a difficult undertaking, but trust us when we say that there are many of useful tools available to assist you.

Tools for sales management will streamline your operations and save you time. For your company, automated processes will eliminate easy chores that don’t necessarily require a human touch.

Additionally, it will optimize your process so that your teams are better organized, increasing the likelihood that they will close every lead.

You’ll have an advantage using sales management tools when carrying out activities.

Your sales crew can concentrate on more important responsibilities in this manner.

Your procedures will be more effective than ever when your sales management team is well-equipped with the latest technology.

And we’ve provided you with a wide range of fantastic sales management solutions from which to choose.

So let’s get started without further ado. 

List Of 11 Sales Management Tools To Choose From

1. SalesForce

The powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software from SalesForce is assisting in defining every facet of your sales management.

It’s an excellent tool for any size or type of business because it uses its software to bring teams together and promote growth.

Even a free trial is available so you may try it out before buying their program!

2. HubSpot

In addition to being a fantastic CRM tool, HubSpot offers really thorough reports, aids in scheduling sales calls, and more.

HubSpot is essential for large organizations, but small businesses could find it challenging to implement such complex software.

You can use it for free indefinitely and only pay for other capabilities if they meet your company’s demands. It’s a free sales management solution that’s worth a go.

3. Zoho CRM

If you want to improve the speed and efficacy of your sales processes, use Zoho CRM.

Zoho assists you in making informed decisions with its powerful and sophisticated analytics.

It has operations in over 80 different companies and a vast global network!

One of their software’s sales tools is integrated with Facebook, Google applications, Twitter, and is regularly updated to reflect technological advancements.

You can start using Zoho CRM for free for 15 days before upgrading to the regular version, which costs $12/month.

4. Uplead

A sales tool with a focus on lead generation is called UpLead.

A complete sales management system is not necessary if your company lacks leads, which is a crucial component of the sales process.

Your leads are helped by UpLead, which ultimately promotes growth.

Additionally, they provide a free trial that may be upgraded to the normal edition for $99/month.

5. Clari

Every company has to understand where in the sales process the majority of its leads are lost.

One such sales tool that aids in finding gaps in your sales process is Clari.

The sales team will be more familiar with where to concentrate their efforts and completing deals will be simpler as a result.

Such a sales management tool can assist in increasing your company’s sales productivity.

Like many other sales tools on this list, Clari also provides a free trial with an upgrade option.

6. Pipedrive

Want a robust CRM application that is both simple to use and reasonably priced?

Pipedrive will come to your aid.

Pipedrive’s strong software enables its chatbots to assist you in intelligently navigating your traffic.

You’ll speed up your sales process and improve pipeline management, sales reporting, and so much more.

Pipedrive offers three distinct plans; the entry-level plan costs $12 per month, but you can alter it to suit your company’s needs.

7. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is another tool that can help increase the output of your sales staff.

Your teams can rapidly get used to the simple structure offered by this sales management solution.

It’s the ideal solution for your sales needs because to its sales monitoring feature and mail merge, which enables you to send customised emails to many recipients.

SalesHandy offers an unlimited email tracking free plan with an upgrade option available for $7/month.

8. Ambition 

Ambition is a sales management solution that focuses on helping your company’s sales department get back on track.

It provides sales coaching, simple insights, and in-the-moment competitions to get your sales representatives more engaged than ever!

It is extremely flexible and uniquely tailored for each sales representative in your company.

The three programs offered by Ambition start at $60 per month.

9. Teamgate

First and foremost, Teamgate is focused about the user experience. For users with little to no prior CRM expertise, it offers three separate versions: beginner, intermediate, and expert.

Other apps, including Google, Outlook, and others, are integrated with it as well.

Additionally, it is simple to use and has received excellent reviews from consumers.

It should be obvious that if you want a strong CRM and sales management tool, this is the way to go. In addition, they provide you a demo before you enroll in their monthly program, which has a starting price of $11 per month.

10. Insightly 

Insightly is a different sales management solution that is well-known for its CRM features. It maintains all of your data in one location and gives you precise company stats.

Insightly has you covered for any crucial task, including email marketing, reporting, and more.

The CRM bundle from Insightly starts at $29/month, and their website offers a wide range of solutions to suit your needs.

11. Bitrix24

For your sales-related needs, Bitrix24 has superb project management and CRM software.

It assists companies in producing quality leads and instantly adds them to their CRM database.

What’s best? They provide various plans depending on the requirements of your company, including an unlimited, free plan with restricted features.

It is a complete sales management tool for boosting sales and offering priceless client service.

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